Exam Requirements

OIC Scholar Certificate Requirements

You must EARN the OIC Scholar certificate from National Offer in Compromise Academy. Nothing great was ever given away! Do you have what it takes to be an OIC Scholar? National Offer in Compromise Academy offers the OIC Scholar certificate only to those select tax professionals who can demonstrate a superior understanding of Offer in Compromise tax law, a resolve to enhancing the tax professional community, and a commitment to providing exemplary client service.

Earn the OIC Certificate

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Offer in Compromise Scholar Requirements-

An OIC Scholar candidate must satisfy the following requirements:

1. Pass a 650-question online exam that tests your knowledge of Offer in Compromise tax law. Candidates are permitted to review their notes, internet, National Offer in Compromise Academy course materials, and Attorney Robert Schaller’s 654-page book titled “Offer in Compromise: A Treatise for CPAs, Accountants, Tax Preparers & Attorneys.”

2. Correctly answer at least 80% of the 650 exam questions – consisting of multiple-choice questions and true/false questions. The exam provides objective standards to evaluate those tax professionals who have the skill and ability to be deemed an expert.


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